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Home FAQ
  1. How can I get the LIBRAS é Legal Kit for free?
    You can only receive the kit if you are part of a State or Municipal Government department, also if you are connected to an association or entity that work with deaf, in the States: RS, SC, PR and the capital of SP, MG, RJ, DF and PE. The availability of the kits is conditional to the schedule of activities undertaken by the Project.

  2. How can I buy the LIBRAS é Legal Kit?
    At this moment, the kits can not be sold because they are part of a social responsibility project sponsored by Petrobras.  
    The Project LIBRAS é Legal along with FENEIS is discussing a way to make the kit available, even over 2007.

  3. How can I contact FENEIS?
    The FENEIS (National Federation of the Deaf Education and Integration) is based in Rio de Janeiro and branches scattered in various Brazilian states.  
    To contact the FENEIS, simply access the site www.feneis.com.br or the project site www.libraselegal.com.br.

  4. How can I attend the LIBRAS course for free?
    For FENEIS the course of LIBRAS is a form of sustainability, so the courses promoted by it are paid through an affordable rate.  
    The courses promoted by the LIBRAS é Legal project within the project of Social Responsibility with Petrobras are free. They are in partnership with state governments, or municipal entities, with a yearly calendar, which can be found at the site of the Project.  
    Some individuals or institutions of public education in Brazil already have the course of LIBRAS.

  5. How can I contact deaf people?
    You may have contact with the deaf through FENEIS. The site of the LIBRAS é Legal project has a forum for discussion that you can connect with deaf people and listeners interested in the deaf issues and discuss their various issues, or also through the ORKUT community named KIT LIBRAS É LEGAL.

  6. Are there audiovisual materials in the LIBRAS é Legal Kit?
    The kit was originally formed by textbooks, dictionary, games and a VHS tape with the story of the deaf. This material is being converted to CD/DVD. As soon as it is ready the audiovisual material will be part of the kit.

  7. I have a deaf child, how should I proceed?
    The first thing to be done is to contact an organization or association that work with deaf. If in your town there isn’t one, look for the Education Secretary or the Health Secretary of the city, seeking the guidance of a professional. The LIBRAS é Legal project guides that all parents who have deaf children learn the sign language.

  8. How should a company proceed with deaf?
    Persons who will relate to the deaf employee should have knowledge of LIBRAS, we recommend at least a basic level of the language, so that the communication is established. Thus the deaf will not isolate himself or feel unmotivated and can give its best contribution to the company.

  9. Does the kit has materials to help the deaf in the companies?
    The LIBRAS é Legal project is finishing a guidance material specific to the relationship of the deaf with the company. The material will be available throughout 2007.

  10. The kit has materials to help pound the relationship with the family of the deaf?
    The LIBRAS é Legal project is finishing a specific primer called The Deaf and the Family. The material will have direct and objective hints for the good relationship of the deaf with their family and their orientation to life in society. The material will be available in the LIBRAS kit throughout 2007.

  11. How to attend to workshops in the LIBRAS é Legal project?
    The Project has two schedules, the regional involving the states of Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, and the national involving the capitals in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife and Brasilia. The program will be available on the website of the project during the year.  
    The attendance of workshops in cities that are not part of the project must be sponsored by agencies of the State Government, Municipal or private companies, and all the expenses of the deaf team should be paid. The costs are: passage, food, accommodation and pay the deaf instructor.

  12. Is it correct to designate persons with hearing loss by deaf?
    No. Deaf people are born deaf in congenital form or due to an accident have become deaf. The person with hearing loss have problems in his hearing, he does not have a profound deafness as the deaf has.

  13. Is it correct to call the deaf deaf-mute?
    No. The deaf person loses the ability to speak naturally, even if he has the vocal apparatus, this is so because he does not have the audio return. The correct is simply call him deaf.

  14. My state is not part of LIBRAS é Legal project, how can I participate?
    You can verify how to attend workshops in your state or municipality from the State Department of Education or from the Municipal Department of Education, for they allow an agreement, involving financial and material resources for the Project to conduct workshops.